AAA Tantra Massage in Las Vegas
Popular Tantra and Fees
-Tantra Massage:  Tantralizing Massagetm & Tantra Seduction 101 (bronze-level 1)**my signature style & most requested** is $200/hr or $300/90 minutes or my Zentastic Tantric Sizzler is $400/120 minutes or $500/150 minutes--i take you through 4 phases of the "O" cycle--sustaining & directing a high voltage of kundalini energy, creative START-STOP-START feel good prolong teasingtm & escalating arousal** you will xxperience the "hold back" method==my way**keeping count of every stroke while pushing you to a state of near utopia over and over**, tingly lingam massage (wand of light), sweet external spot & male g-spot manipulation (face2face or on your knees)==the "Aneros" stimulator or a multi-speed anal "t" vibe stimulator is included in sessions 90 minutes & over--creates a whole lotta shakin'...i love to use masks to heighten nonvisual sensations, sensual tie-ups, flirtatious feathers & puffs, kissable whipped body creme, stamina training units, whisper-quiet vibrating rings & a cornucopia of other erotic items to enhance and initiate long-lasting moments of ineffable joy..GOOD things come 2 those who can wait!!! ***see coupon for discount


Tongue out3-hour Tantralizing Bonanzatm (silver-level 2) is $600==this lengthy massage session is 3rd most requested and guaranteed to leave you physically sated as i keep you in the high arousal zone using all level 1 techniques with additional non-stop teasing tricks from my vast repertoire**increasing & decreasing intensity** for hours...endurance is necessary 4 this prolonged prelude--XXplosive, Convulsive Multi-wave of indescribable bliss. Let me take you from a soothing "ooohhh" to a mindblowing "aaahhh". ***see coupon for discount.
-Combo of Tantra & Body2Body Tango Massage is $250/75 minutes--(2nd most requested & my signature style)==both massages combined with repeating cycles of stimulation and several pauses, our slick, pepee oiled bodies are pressed 2gether in a rubbing embrace with up-and-down slithering motions...creating an oasis of pleasure & volcanic eruptions***earth shattering tremors all over ** powerful intense wave-like pulsations and a definite sensory overload with a creamy boob finale ***not on PVC sheet unless requested. ***see coupon for 90 minute combo

spring mountain road, arville street, las vegas, nevada, 89102, United States
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